Allow for longer project names in the UI

We have projects that typically are 40-60 characters. The UI seems to be geared to smaller project names, and often wraps or clips the names. There are two places in particular that I’d like for lengthened names:

  • In the pipelines view, on the left column entitled “Pipeline”. I’m glad you guys moved the column there, but I’d like it to be 50%-60% wider
  • In the project dropdown on the pipeline page (by default, it says All Projects).

If you could increase the length of these UI elements, it’d be helpful.


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Here’s an image to demonstrate:

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Hi @andrewryan1906 thank you for your post. I’m glad you like the new location of the project in the Pipelines view. In your screenshot, the wrapping of your project name definitely looks off. Unfortunately, the view has to host a lot of data and we based the size of each column on the P90 size of each data point, for projects that size is 25 characters. However, we are still making some changes to that view to make the data fit best on all responsive sizes and will take this comment into consideration as we make those changes. We want to create the best possible view for all of our users in as much as we can, and this is great feedback.


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