All jobs in workflow stuck in pending state

I have a workflow that has been pending for a good half an hour now with no indication as to what could be wrong

Hi Caleb. I would open a ticket next time this happens. Are the jobs running now?

Hi Joe,

I have the same issue, it’s still not working

Thanks Gorilych, taking a look.

@CalebMacdonaldBlack and @gorilych

We think these may be related to BitBucket API changes (Caleb please let me know if you aren’t using BitBucket)

We made a change that should fix this, are you still seeing the issue, or just from around that time?

Seems to be fixed, after I rerun wrkflow, jobs are scheduled fine.

Thanks, Joe!

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@drazisil We’re using Github. I just rerun the workflow now and It’s working.