Admin must opt in to 3rd part orbs... but I already have!

A job I have failed for third party orbs security

# Orb sonarsource/sonarcloud@1.0.1 not loaded. To use this orb, an organization admin must opt-in to using third party orbs in Organization Security settings.
# -------
# Warning: This configuration was auto-generated to show you the message above.
# Don't rerun this job. Rerunning will have no effect.

I have now duly enabled this setting, yet when I rerun the job it fails for the same thing. What else can I do?

Side issue: I must say the documentation around this point is pretty bad. “Organization security settings”… Is that settings in Circle CI? Or GitHub? Or somewhere with the orb author?
I was using the new UI since I kept getting prompted to do so, but wasn’t able to find such settings in the new UI which made the previous mentioned question quite a bit harder to resolve by myself. Upon returning to the old UI it did become a bit more apparent, but it took a couple internet searches on to third party sites to know I needed to do that.

Rebased and force pushed my branch to generate a new run from the GitHub side instead of the CircleCI UI… seems to have worked, I think :man_shrugging:

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Glad you got something to work - but I’m pinging @KyleTryon in case he has any insight.

Typically when you rerun a job that failed with this error, it will pull the overwritten configuration and old environment :slight_smile: We usually recommend pushing a new commit so everything is run fresh. @wolf99

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