Adding external link to Test Summary

We are using Perfecto to run tests on mobile devices, because the tests are external and this is running with a gradle plugin that doesn’t run with a tests flag there is no results.xml generated. We do get in the gradle output a link to a report in Perfecto that gives a summary of the run. I’d like to add this into the Test Summary Tab for those who look at the Job to be able to see what the results were, and be able to get there.

Is this possible if I can add a link into a supportable structure (JSON or XML) that Circle CI can read?

If you are OK with two different UI, and want to link them:
So, there is and

Seems like their sample simply echo a URL to the printout of the job.

If you want to have the results available in CCI:
Given you get a valid reportKey; you could use the REST API and curl it your CI job, then transform it into a JUnit XML or Cucumber JSON. Maybe it could be a useful orb?

That Java Sample I pretty much get with the gradle plugin, the Report URL comes back automatically and I am parsing that out of the output log, I use a tee on the gradle command so I can access all the output.

I may have to use the Report URL, since theREST APIs in the execution report links you have are all when running individual scripts. Took me awhile to look through them and realize I get a management ID back but its nothing like the Report Key.

I’ll probably go the Orb route (nice idea, thanks!) and see if I can curl the report link and get some useful data to display.

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