Ability to checkout merge commits, not just branch commits (maybe even make it the default)

Is there any update on Show test results for prospective merge of a Github PR ?

This is a pretty critical feature for verifying that a changeset will work, but it looks like it got closed.

Hi Charles. Thanks for bring that to my attention, it looks like it got missed in our conversion.

I’ve updated that thread with a link to https://circleci.com/ideas/?idea=CCI-I-926 and will make sure our product team is aware of the prior votes.

Please vote to show interest and track updates, and also comment to add any thought or clarifications.

Awesome @drazisil! Thank you!

Can we somehow notify those folks on the locked discussion about this idea so that they can also add their vote/comments?

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Everyone on that thread should receive a notify on my updated response there.

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