A Git-Tools Orb Is Coming! What Do You Want?


We are currently planning the creation of an offical “Git-Tools” orb and would love input from the community on what kind of tasks this orb could help you accomplish.

Currently, we are exploring a few potential features:

  1. An ENV var is set for the VCS type so that internal scripts can determine what to run per provider.
  2. A “PR Comment” command that can automatically log information to the active PR the commit belongs to.
  3. The ability to submit a commit at the end of a job with [ci_skip] included.
  4. The ability to submit a commit with a Tag.
  5. Automatially run git config.
  6. Populate the CIRCLE_PR_NUMBER env var, not just for forks.
  7. Open a pull request between any two branches.

We’d love your feedback on the list above, any new ideas you have or just git related problems you need solving.


Yasss! I would love to be able to easily comment on a PR with the results of tests. Would also be super useful to be able to change/customize the checks status messages.

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