Yarn command not found



Followed the docs but am getting:

bash: line 1: yarn: command not found

When trying to execute yarn. When I ssh onto the box and type yarn I get a command not found error. I set my PATH as stated in the docs but not sure what else to do


Are you running on Ubuntu 14.04?


I lied we are apparently on 12.04 :frowning:


Seeing about upgrading to 14.04


Is this a new project? New projects should automatically be on 14.04.


We started seeing the same issue today. /bin/bash: yarn: command not found - using circleci/ruby:2.5.0-node-browsers.


Here’s the full container details: circleci/ruby@sha256:35312600669b8f955dc1783738f1b5fec98a7c78152de8e9e47925dfbfcba386


Started seeing this intermittently today too with image: circleci/node:8

The specific images failure occurs: circleci/node@sha256:1eb750475c33ad9644dd65200be190d1217e5b569ad2dce7cc3c7e62b2172ac1

Some of our builds are getting working images (an older image?):