`yarn: command not found` error on Xcode 14.2 image

I’m using CircleCI to build my iOS app (which includes some React Native), but I’m getting the following error when I run these commands on the Xcode 14.2 image:

$ nvm alias default 18
$ yarn install

`/bin/bash: yarn: command not found`

The exact same branch builds correctly on the Xcode 14.1 image (except there I used nvm alias default 16, since that was the default). Is there a bug with Xcode 14.2 images, or is yarn no longer provided by CircleCI?

In case it’s useful, here’s the Spin-up environment output I have on the failed jobs:

machine-agent version 1.0.40862-9b36377 (image: "xcode:14.2.0", public ip: "", provider: "Mac Cloud")
task-agent version 1.0.151030-7bc27031
Downloading task-agent: success after 652.777409ms.

UPDATE: CircleCI is working on a fix for this issue, tracking it here