Build failing without any reason on MACOS only (without any changes!)


I am using the following orb :

macos: circleci/macos@2.4.1

And running the following command :

  # Yarn install
  - run:
      name: Install Node.js dependencies
      command: cd apps/native && yarn install

Without any changes or reasons, my builds are now failing on yarn install, without any error message :

Exited with code exit status 1

I didn’t change anything.


You can try debugging with SSH. If you feel comfortable, you may share your package.json so I can try and recreate the issue locally.

Have you inspected your dependencies?
Does re-running a previously passing build yield a different result?
Has the version of Yarn being used changed?

If you are on a plan that includes ticket based support, please feel free to open a ticket.

Let me know how it goes.