Xcode 12.3 Release

The Xcode 12.3 image has just been released and can be selected as follows:

  xcode: 12.3.0

Image Info

Xcode 12.3 Build version 12C33 is installed at /Applications/Xcode-12.3.app.

The following runtimes are installed:

  • iOS 13.7
  • iOS 14.3
  • tvOS 13.4
  • tvOS 14.3
  • watchOS 6.2
  • watchOS 7.2

The full manifest of installed software can be found here.


@lriverawong Thanks for the update! When is an image with System Version 11.1 (Big Sur) available?

Is there a way to downgrade java version? There are some known bugs with java 11 and we need going back to 8.
Prefer not to install it as a run step, as it will add wasted time to each build.

Hi @zelhofer! We don’t have a date for release, but we will definitely post as soon as it’s available.

Hey @kg-currenxie - were you able to fix this?

Had to install a specific java version with brew :frowning: