Xcode 11.6 Beta 1 Released

The Xcode 11.6 Beta 1 image has just been released and can be selected as follows:

    xcode: 11.6.0

Please Note: This image is still propagating, so you may see slower spin up times over the next 24 hours on both medium and large resource classes.

Major Software Changes

We will no longer be shipping Python 2 in our images due to it hitting EOL status and causing issues during installation as it is no longer maintained by Homebrew. If you require Python 2, we would suggest moving to a previous Xcode image, or creating your own tap for the Python 2 package.

We have bumped OpenJDK to version 11 (LTS) from OpenJDK 8 due to the latter being deprecated.

Image Info

Xcode 11.6 Build version 11N700h is installed at /Applications/Xcode-11.6.beta.app

The following runtimes are installed:

  • iOS 12.2
  • iOS 12.4
  • iOS 13.6
  • tvOS 12.4
  • tvOS 13.4
  • watchOS 5.3
  • watchOS 6.2

The full manifest of installed software can be found here.