Windows: running setup with administrator rights


I’m trying to install an application (Atmel Studio) inside of the ‘circleci/windows@5.0’ orb.

Trying to do that using the following code:

      - run:
          name: Install Atmel Studio
          privileged: true
          no_output_timeout: 60m
          command: |
            Start-Process -Verb runAs .\.circleci\external_tools\as-installer-7.0.2594-web.exe { -s -logtoconsole } -Wait

Unfortunately, the task seems to be stuck. No response at all, it will just time out at the configured 60m.

My guess is that it has something to do with the setup file not having administrator rights (it needs it).

Someone any clue how to fix this? Thanks in advance,



These issues can occur due to how CircleCI runs where possible we would recommend passing a silent flag to the installer as if there is a GUI waiting for input it will cause a timeout which could be what is occurring here.

It is possible to use RDP to get to the full Windows desktop which can help with issues such as this.

Would it be possible to check with RDP what is happening when running the command, once we know this information I will be happy to continue to assist with this issue.

Kind Regards
Owen Oliver