Why do the clojure docker images do not contain the clojure binary

What the title says. I expected the docker images - conveniently named circleci/clojure:${TAG} to, at the very least, contain the clojure executable, which was not the case. I tested the following:

  • circleci/clojure:openjdk-11-lein-2.9.3-node-browsers
  • circleci/clojure:lein
  • circleci/clojure:example
  • circleci/clojure:boot

and, out of the above four only the one tagged as example actually had clojure installed and in its ${PATH}.

What’s the reasoning behind this decision?

Hi @vandr0iy!

We’re extending the language image from Docker Hub (https://hub.docker.com/_/clojure), so that decision was made upstream.

You might be able to ask in the greater Clojure community, or the folks who worked on the image.