Where is the documentation for V1 of the REST API?

Whilst trying to set up parameterized builds, I found the guide for this and nightly builds refer to V1 of the REST API (https://circleci.com/docs/parameterized-builds/). However when having issues and looking at the REST API docs I found them to all refer to V1.1 and the URL structures have changed and do not match the examples given.

I have been able to get V1 to work after a bit more Googling of the issue, however is there any location for the V1 docs that explain the old URL structures? As the API is still available this would be helpful.

There isn’t any anymore. CircleCI API v1.1 is mostly the same except that for most endpoints that begin with /project/, you’d add the VCS type (for GitHub or Bitbucket) directly after.