Downloading build logs with v2 API

I’m adding support for Circle CI to a program I develop, and naturally I feel I should be using the v2 API. However, I cannot figure out a way to download build logs using the v2 API. I can do it using the v1.1 API, but that’s slated for removal soon. Is there a way to download — or even locate — logs using the new API? Are there plans to add this feature soon?

Hi @jwodder,

Currently there are no v2 equivalents for fetching build logs, and the only option would be to use the following v1.1 endpoint:

This is the same endpoint that is used in the UI.

My understanding is that new endpoints will be added before the v1.1 ones are removed, but I have no information to provide what they would look like. I would also like to mention that while the v1.1 endpoints are deprecated, we will make an announcement before they are removed.

Let me know if you would like further clarification on anything!