When calling the API, there is a project, but the UI shows that there is no project. What should I check?

The API retrieves project information, but the UI shows that the project does not exist. The API used is getProjectBySlug.
Is there something I’m missing? Does anyone know what parts to check?

Hi @jay1 thanks for reaching out to us! Is this a project that does exist? Did it show up in the UI before? tnx!

hi @olafmol This is an existing project. I don’t know if it was displayed in the UI before. Do you know why cases like this occur?

Hi @jay1, we made some changes to our Webapp UI recently, maybe they caused this.

Did you already try to logout and login again, with ideally a hard browser refresh?

Also, it would be good to understand where in the UI you are not seeing the project show up.
Is it in the “Organization Homepage” or in the “Projects” tab?


Hi @olafmol ,
It was the same even after refreshing the browser and logging out and logging in.
It was not confirmed in the project tab in the UI.

tnx for the info! If you could send me your org and project info (id, name, slug) in a DM, i can take a look what might be the issue. tnx!