What is timeline for Xcode 8 GM support?

What is the ETA for Xcode 8 GM support or are you waiting for it to go public?


The day after it was released if you googled for this there was an announcement here of Xcode 8 GM support cached in the search results (but gone if you clicked the link). We had two builds pass that day–which means they were using GM briefly as our builds only pass with GM.

It seems they started rolling it out and then rolled it back for some reason?

There were some issues with the GM release. We’re working on getting it available as soon as possible.

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Xcode 8 general release is now available on Circle CI with the machine: Xcode, version: “8.0” setup (as of 10am EST September 15th).

Would still be useful to be able to pin beta builds to a version for future proofing apps against Xcode updates

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Did you get any kind of official word from Circle? I’m still seeing Xcode 8.0 Build version 8S201h (Xcode beta 6) for builds configured with:

        version: "8.0"

I’m seeing a failure due to a problem that was fixed in the Xcode 8 GM: https://circleci.com/gh/Moya/Moya/488 I’m also seeing Xcode’s build version at 8S201h. I’ve tried rebuilding without cache, any other advice?

The only difference in our build is we don’t specify environment > lang property. Wonder if that selector is restricting you to a subset of Xcode 8 devices

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