What Code Editor Do You Use? [POLL]



Which code editor do you use? Or IDE if that’s what you’re using. I’m listing only free options here, particularly if it’s extensible or open-source. If I missed anything or if you want to yell at me for leaving out Sublime, please let a comment. :smile:

  • Vim (and variants)
  • Atom
  • Emacs (and variants)
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Intellij
  • Visual Studio (Community Edition)
  • Android Studio

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Do you use Vim for development?

For the record, I use Vim and here’s why.

It’s free. It’s open-source. It’s available everywhere. I have a few laptops, several Raspberry Pis, and I tend you log into a lot of remote machines. Some Linode VPSs, some local VMs via Vagrant. Either way, with Vim, I can SSH into a machine and use the same text editor that I use on my daily laptop. I like the luxury.


Off-topic to the poll, but do you (or any other vim users) want to share dotfiles/keybinding/extensions etc that help you edit multiple files or make your vim experience better?


Aside from themes, I only use one thing that I can think of at the moment which is GoVim. It automatically runs go fmt when you save a go for and checks for syntax errors.

I’m about to set up an additional computer with my environment so I’m going to be thinking about Got versions dotfiles a lot more as I try to make my life easier.

Also, I use FiSH instead of Bash so there’s that too.


One of the most popular on Windows (Visual Studio) is missing. It does have a free version.


Apparently I can’t add options to the poll anymore but I swapped out Notepad++ for Visual Studio since no one was voting for it anyway. :slight_smile:

Honestly, didn’t know that Visual Studio was all that different from Visual Studio Code. Thanks.


Visual Studio has been around for 20 years :slight_smile: It’s not a perfect IDE, but it’s very very close. Microsoft have had a lot of time to refine it and get it just right.

Visual Studio Code is totally different, it’s based on Electron (so it’s slower and uses more RAM) and is open-source.


I don’t use Windows… :slight_smile: By the time I started learning any real coding (and not just the early versions of JavaScript) I was already on Linux.

I’m not a big fan of this Electron craze. I understand it, and many apps, like Slack, wouldn’t be on Linux without it, but eh.


I vote for Codelobster
It is very good free IDE


In what way? It looks like an IDE from 1997, and it only runs on a single platform.

What do you like about it?


That’s Visual Studio Code. It’s on the list. It’s nothing like Visual Studio though.


It has many useful plug-ins for almost all popular frameworks.


Visual Studio Code is totally different to Visual Studio. Visual Studio does have a free version: https://www.visualstudio.com/community/


It’s a solid IDE. Lots of plugins, fantastic support for C#, pretty good support for other languages like JavaScript. Very good refactoring tools. Even though it’s a large IDE, surprisingly it feels more responsive than anything Electron-based.

The paid versions of Visual Studio have other great features like live unit testing (automatically run tests that cover the code you’re editing, in realtime while you’re editing it). I wrote a lot of C# at my previous job and really miss working with it every day. These days I’m writing JavaScript most days. It’s not as nice.

Jetbrains’ IDEs like PHPStorm would come a close second to Visual Studio. They’re also very good. A lot of innovative features.


Ah. I see :slight_smile:

I’ve not used Windows for a long time so I can’t really benefit.

IntelliJ is what I used to use when I did Groovy / Java - it’s excellent, I agree.



For everyone who voted Vim, I have a follow up: Do you use Vim for development?