What are the Windows VM options?

I see that the Windows orb defaults to use the windows-server-2019-vs2019:stable image but it can take a specific version. But are there additional versions available and documented? Is there any release or upgrade timeline for them?

Some of the default installations (e.g. Go 1.12) are really old and the upgrade process for them adds 3-4 minutes per workflow.


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I also have the same question - there is no documentation on the available versions other than stable, and my build recently stopped working due to updates in the stable version. Can we have some clarity around the windows executor versions?

Hi @opub @katehmd ,

There are three versions available: previous, edge, and stable.

previous will use the previously released image, edge uses an image that is in preview, and stable uses the latest image. An image will be tagged as edge before it is moved to stable.

Monthly updates regarding the images are posted in this forum. Here is the post for January 2022:

[January 2022] Windows image updates available for preview on edge tags

Here are some additional links as well:

Please let me know if you would like further clarification on anything.

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Thanks @aaronclark - are there no version numbers that I could use to keep a consistent environment until I’m ready to upgrade it? Also, FWIW the list of preinstalled software appears to be incorrect (e.g. the Python version in that image it is at 3.7, chocolatey is also at 0.12) and I’m no longer able to SSH into my build.