Windows Server 2019 - January 2024 Release

Hey Everyone!

A new release for Windows Server 2019 is available.

This image can be selected as follows:

  win: circleci/windows@5.0

      name: win/server-2019
      version: edge

Please note that this is an edge release. This image tag points to the latest version of the Windows image and is built from the HEAD of the main branch. This tag is intended to be used as a testing version of the image with the most recent changes and not guaranteed to be stable.


Here is a list of the major software installed on each image. If multiple versions are present, the default is shown here:

Node 21.6.1
Yarn 1.22.19
Python3 3.12.1
Java 21.0.2
Docker 25.0.`
Go 1.21.6
Rust 1.75.0
Dotnet 7.0.405
Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition
yq 4.34.1

N.B. Although the above states that Visual Studio 2019 Community is installed, only the following components are available:


The production image usually has an additional 200 components installed so it is unlikely that this ‘edge’ image can be used to build anything!

do you plan to add SDK for .NET 8 as its LTS and .NET 7 will reach EOS on May 14, 2024 please?
Additionally if we install .NET 8 manually it usually takes more than 1 minute.


Hi @vit-nemecky_swi,

I have made of note of this and added it to my teams backlog to address. Thank you for bringing up. Will keep you posted when we are able to get this released.


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Where can I find the up to date list of active tags for server-2022 to set our build to a specific version?

Hi @jem,

This page should contain windows tags: CircleCI Developer - Machine Imageswindows-server-2022-gui - CircleCI it is currently missing the 2024 tag which we will make sure to add: 2024.01.1 is the latest tag