VSCode plugin - job order is hard to manage. Suggestion: provide alphabetical option

The left panel showing jobs and approval for some hold jobs is hard to manage - the order is kinda weird, and its easy to accidentally click on the wrong jobs to approve. It would be helpful if there was an option to sort alphabetically instead of what I see now:

• firehawk-infra
@ main - 1 minute ago
© plan_approve_apply On hold waiter Success (7s)
© hold-tf_predeploy/terraform-plan-destroy On hold
• tf_predeploy/terraform-plan-destroy Blocked
• tf_predeploy/terraform-destroy Blocked 
© hold-tf_predeploy/terraform-auto-apply On hold
• tf_predeploy/terraform-auto-apply Blocked 
© hold-f_init/terraform-auto-apply On hold
• tf _init/terraform-auto-apply Blocked 
© hold-codedeploy-destroy On hold 
© hold-codedeploy-deploy On hold 
© hold-build-infra-app On hold 
© hold-build-docker On hold
• codedeploy-destroy Blocked codedeploy-deploy Blocked
• build-infra-app Blocked
• build-docker/amd64 Blocked

Hi @queglay , thanks for raising this.
I’m curious if you can tell us more about why you find the display order weird? How would you expect jobs to be displayed by default?

I think it would be mouse helpful if the order respected the order in the job list in the yaml if possible. That way the user can decide how things should be ordered. What do you think about that?