VC++ compiler/linker version skew, undefined symbol

I’m getting the following error linking SFML on the Windows/VS VM:

sfml-graphics-s.lib(Image.cpp.obj) : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __std_swap_ranges_trivially_swappable_noalias referenced in function “unsigned char * __cdecl std::_Swap_ranges_unchecked<unsigned char,0>(unsigned char * const,unsigned char * const,unsigned char * const)” (??$_Swap_ranges_unchecked@E$0A@@std@@YAPEAEQEAE00@Z)

The SFML site says this is due to version skew between the VC++ that built the lib, vs. the one that builds the app. Apologies, this is an “it works on my machine” thing, but … it does. My VS is the newest one:

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019
Visual C++ 2019 00435-60000-00000-AA748

What version of VS/VC++ is running in your VM? My VC++ happily links these libs.