Using workspace_path to pass files from setup to continued workflow

I have persisted some files in my setup workflow using persist_to_workspace and want to pass them to my continued workflow (using the continuation orb). I’ve tried using the workspace_path parameter but having no luck.
Can you advise on the best way to do this please?

I’ve not made much use of the continuation feature, but I think the issue you are having comes from the fact that the Setup script and the Continuation script are independent workflows. With the Setup workflow setting up the conditions needed to run the Continuation workflow.

Workspaces are designed to allow information to be exchanged between different jobs within the same workflow. To transfer information between the Setup and Continuation workflows beyond the use of parameters you will need to look at the cache feature.

A visual representation of this can be seen in the diagram found here

One complication caused by this write-up is that it states “Caching persists data between the same job in different workflows runs”, which is not really true as they are persistent with a unique name/key that is linked to the project. A lot more detail can be found here

One key difference between caching and workspaces is the amount of work you need to do to control the caches in terms of issues caused by having to manage the naming of the cache and controlling the number of caches you end up storing.