Using macOS Container to test Safari

I’d like to use the macOS container to run CI against Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. I don’t need any particular version of XCode (or XCode at all), and I don’t want to add an XCode project to my repo.

I’ve started with the same circle.yml file that works on Linux, including these overrides:

    - yarn run bootstrap
    - ~/.cache/yarn

    - yarn run ci

First I was told that XCODE_SCHEME could not be inferred, so I made one up in Project Settings#env-vars. Now, I’m being told

We couldn't find a workspace or project to build. Try setting this manually with environment variables 'XCODE_WORKSPACE' or 'XCODE_PROJECT'

Can I take control of which commands are running on a macOS container? I just want it to do this:

brew install yarn
yarn run bootstrap
yarn run ci

If you set these two envs (even to empty) your build should run on the macOS fleet as long as you have a plan.

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Thanks Joseph!

I think I’ve got it (mostly) working now:

There’s still a failure, but I think that’s Safari’s fault. The tests do take longer than on Linux (so much so that I had to bump up the default timeout to get Chrome to run at all). I also have to install Firefox (and maybe Chrome?) with Homebrew, since they don’t appear to be on the default image.


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