Using cache in Deployment step




I am using Circle CI to deploy my JS app to Amazon. Everything works fine but I’m always eager to speed up the process.

I use a library called “aws-publish” which loads up all the assets to S3.Some of the libraries produce a lot of files and that increases the time to deploy. This library has a neat little trick though.

It writes all the assets already uploaded to a local file. This speeds up the process by a lot of time:

Deployment time no Assets on S3: 2 hours
Deployment Assets already on S3: 11 minutes
Deployment time with looking up assets in local file: 1 minute

Unfortunately the file is gone after the process finishes and as I see it I cannot use the cache as the cache is saved before the test step.

Is there any advice you can give me?


I really want to have this feature too. My deployment builds can take up to 4 minutes. But if I had some kind of cache, I could speed it up.


Same here, im building my dockers so for me this will be a difference for about 15 min