Uploading artifacts now takes a long time when encountering directories

Yesterday (23/03/22) when uploading artifacts, when a directory was encountered it quickly moved on and produced the following output:

Uploading /Users/distiller/project/cordova-wrapper/build/ios/FBLPromises.framework (224 B): 
FAILED with error BodyHashError: failed to compute body hashes
caused by: read /Users/distiller/project/cordova-wrapper/build/ios/FBLPromises.framework: is a directory

As of today (24/03/22) when a directory is encountered it seems to hang for a long time before outputting the following:

Uploading /Users/distiller/project/cordova-wrapper/build/ios/FBLPromises.framework (224 B): 
FAILED with error artifact at :storage/artifacts/4199f058-07e7-4be6-90b3-4252b137a756/6b2b9c6d-cb84-4c1e-8147-6466bccae7de/0/ios/FBLPromises.framework failed: an unexpected storage error occurred (operation id: 8f3f5b93)

The upload process is now taking > 1 hour rather than a couple of minutes previously.
Nothing has changed in our codebase or configuration.