Artifact upload is not working as of today



I have a build series, the underlying code/config for which hasn’t changed in weeks (I’m only making app code changes). This morning I notice that artifact upload is silently failing. The console output shows that it is no longer attempting to access s3, and instead appears to be “uploading” to the local filesystem.

Yesterday (build 298):
Uploading /home/circleci/artifacts to s3://circle-production-customer-artifacts/picard/EDITED664d781/EDITED1785b82-0-build/artifacts/home/circleci/artifacts
Uploaded /home/circleci/artifacts/r20170903211127–EDITED–4f168da-63.tar.gz

Today (build 301):
Uploading /home/circleci/artifacts to home/circleci/artifacts
Uploaded /home/circleci/artifacts/r20170904065611–EDITED–33f0874-64.tar.gz

The “Uploading artifacts” step is green.

Looking back at a sampling of “Uploading artifacts” output from builds over the past couple of weeks, this seems like a clear change in behavior.


Unable to see uploaded artifacts

I’m getting this too. Just as of today and across several projects.


The same issue. Similar post Unable to see uploaded artifacts