Upgrading the Docker version used for the Docker executor to Docker 24

CircleCI will be upgrading the Docker version that is used for jobs that use the Docker executor starting in November, 2023. This change is critical to ensuring the underlying infrastructure that runs your jobs continues to be secure, reliable, and performant.

This upgrade should be effectively invisible to customers, no action is needed. The upgrade is from Docker 20.10.23 to Docker 24.

CircleCI is gradually rolling out this change for all Docker executor customers beginning in November, 2023.

Relevant Information:

  • CircleCI does not expect this to be a breaking change for the overwhelming majority of Docker executor jobs as the jobs are isolated in their own containers
  • If there are issues observed as a result of this change, please comment on this post immediately so they can be analyzed and addressed.
  • This upgrade will not impact Remote Docker jobs. See this post for Remote Docker upgrade details

Please comment on this post if there are any questions about this change. Thank you!

This upgrade is now complete