[Updated] Authenticate with Docker to avoid impact of Nov. 1st rate limits


My organization has the performance plan, which should allow us to get the silver support plan automatically I believe. I opened a support ticket for this question below but have not been able to get a response yet, and we need to update a large number of CircleCI config files correctly before Nov 1. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

We are using a docker executor job like so below. We have a context setup with the docker credentials. With the changes to docker hub rate limiting and the required authentication for docker hub, we are authentication for the primary container setup in the job below.

My question is whether these credentials setup in the primary container are passed to the remote environment setup by the “setup_remote_docker” step when it executes docker building/pushing and running commands or we need to add another step explicitly for docker login before running the docker run command, which I assume will run the remote environment.

This is the document I read and its not clarified in this document. I should mention you need “setup_remote_docker” as a step if you use the docker executor, so it cannot just be removed.


  • image: circleci/python:3.7.3-stretch

working_directory: ~/repo


  • checkout

  • setup_remote_docker

  • load_image_from_cache

  • run:
    name: Run tests
    command: >
    docker run --rm -t --net=host
    $PACKAGE_NAME:git rev-parse HEAD
    /bin/sh -c “echo placeholder”

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