Update to Xcode 11.1.0 breaks Ruby version selection for unit tests

Recently upgraded from Xcode 10.1.0 to 11.1.0 and from ruby 2.4 to 2.6 (specified in .ruby-version file), but when running tests after the upgrade they are failing for chruby: unknown Ruby: ruby-2.4. These were the only changes made to the files and can isolate it to Xcode 11.0+. Anyone seeing anything similar?


They recently made some changes that affect the way the checkout step functions in their build agent.

As a temporary workaround, could you try replacing the checkout step with the following (which disables the chruby auto switcher temporarily during checkout):

- run: mv ~/.bash_profile ~/.bash_profile.stop
- checkout
- run: mv ~/.bash_profile.stop ~/.bash_profile

We’re experiencing something similar. We started on the xcode 11.1 macos machine which is supposed to use ruby 2.6.4 but instead has 2.3.7 as of today and is causing build issues. @mdamicoml’s fix did not work in our case.


@donovanhiland We’re having the exact same issue. Did you find a solution for this? Above solution does not work.

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