Update Mac to Xcode 7.2.1


Xcode 7.2.1 was recently released and fixes an annoying bug that would prevent the simulator from launching if your app needs longer than 120 seconds to build. You kindly upgraded to Xcode 7.3. I think it should be safe to upgrade the existing 7.2 machines to 7.2.1.

Are there any plans to do the upgrade?

@alexey what do you think?

I have no stake in this anymore as I am no longer working for that client.

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Thanks for the update, still seems valuable. :slight_smile:

@levlaz @pietbrauer We already pre-install Xcode 7.2.1 in the containers. Please let me know if you see behaviour that does not reflect that in your builds.

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@alexey As I said I don’t need it anymore (topic was opened 2 months ago) and I believe you that it is pre installed nowadays.

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Thank you, sorry for the noise! Just wanted to clean up some older requests. :slight_smile: