Unusable projects page - Cannot add new projects!



When I enter the projects page, an unusable page is shown. I cannot add new projects and all links are not working.


+1. This page does not work today.

Work around using API (for my org/project, substitute your own):

curl -f -u $CIRCLE_TOKEN: -X POST https://circleci.com/api/v1.1/project/github/phoebus-games/deploy-assets/follow


+1 I could reproduce this issue also…

I’m going to use API instead of using browser.


I could follow my project with curl. Thank you for posting answer!


Yes, we shipped a bug. We’ve reverted - thanks for understanding and please let me know if you still see issues.


@rishimkumar Not sure if related, but I can’t use anymore “Import variables” in projects settings.
I tried to press “authorize with github” or somesuch on bugged projects page yesterday, and earlier that day i used import button. Is there any chance it messed up something? I am org admin.


Are you on a beta/dev/canary browser? We’ve seen a couple reports of permissions acting wonky there.


I am using release firefox from fedora repo. I’ve experienced permissions issue only after rollback and problem solved itself at some point afterwards.


I am having similar issues, I just newly joined circleci, but it seems I can not add any projects:


I am also experiencing the same problem as @lifeofguenter.


seems to be working again (at least for me)


@Fried-Chicken if you had exactly the same problem - when i look at lifeofguenter’s screen, i see that he has only given public scopes - that possibly explains why no projects were listed (assuming he had no public projects).