Unfollow button hangs

When I try to “unfollow” a project that I am no longer working on, the button becomes disabled and turns to the “Unfollowing…” state, but nothing actually happens. Has anyone else ran into this before, is there any other way to stop following a project?

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I have seen this as well, I think its a bug on our end ( I have already filed a bug report). Can you DM me with your GitHub username and $ORG/$REPO name and I will remove it for you.

I also have this problem with an old repo that I no longer have owner rights to in Github.

Can you DM me as well with the same info :slight_smile:

Sure thing!

I feel stupid asking this, but how do I send a DM? Is this a DM?

Sorry, don’t mean to make you feel dumb :frowning:

If you click on my username you should see a “Message” option.

Thanks for all your help @levlaz! For some reason I don’t see a message button.


Your trust level was too low because you are a new user. I raised it for you. Can you trying messaging him again?

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Thanks @FelicianoTech!


@FelicianoTech could you also raise my trust level so I can DM @levlaz as well?

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Of course, done.

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I have this issue too. Can’t DM.

Just sent you a DM

I also encounter the same problem. Can I send you (@levlaz ) a DM ? (But I can’t find the way to send DM…)