Unable to start Phantom JS inside a Docker container

I’m unable to start PhantomJS inside a Docker container inside CircleCI. I’m not sure what’s different about CircleCI, but these tests work fine on my local machine. On CircleCI, this is the output from running my tests:

13 07 2017 00:56:19.092:INFO [karma]: Karma v1.5.0 server started at
13 07 2017 00:56:19.094:INFO [launcher]: Launching browser PhantomJS with unlimited concurrency
13 07 2017 00:56:19.148:INFO [launcher]: Starting browser PhantomJS
13 07 2017 00:57:19.158:WARN [launcher]: PhantomJS have not captured in 60000 ms, killing.
13 07 2017 00:57:21.161:WARN [launcher]: PhantomJS was not killed in 2000 ms, sending SIGKILL.
13 07 2017 00:57:23.164:WARN [launcher]: PhantomJS was not killed by SIGKILL in 2000 ms, continuing.
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Which container are you using?

Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve been on vacation the last few days. This is for the edison-ui container (private).