PhantomJS Container not starting

So I have a docker-compose yml file that starts a phantomjs container the section of the yml is as follows

    image: wernight/phantomjs:2.0.0
      - 8910
    entrypoint: phantomjs
    command: --webdriver=8910 --ignore-ssl-errors=true

Which then gives me the following error

ERROR: for phantomjs  Cannot start service phantomjs: Cannot start container 7214cc20a7d2741e88bcea8016e75e323c4dc04dc8263504383bb20f0794890c: [9] System error: invalid argument
ERROR: Encountered errors while bringing up the project.

This container works fine on our local development suite so it must be something to do with circle. Any hints as to how to fix this?

I hate to bump this but could really do with some support on this so tagging in @CircleCI-Employees

The current default Docker version on CircleCI (1.9.1) doesn’t support this image. I did have some luck using our version of Docker 1.10:

    - curl -sSL | bash -s -- 1.10.0
    - docker

Can you try that and let us know if it helps.

CircleCI 2.0 will have more up-to-date Docker support:

Phantomjs 2.11 is preinstalled on our 14.04 image if you want to try that instead:

Thanks @tom I still have not managed to get this running reliably but I now have access to Circle 2.0 so will be trying out the container there instead.