Unable to get Sauce labs to connect to CircleCi

Hi all,

So after a couple months off from working on my project, I came back to find that when I run my workflow my automated Visual tests are failing (meaning the workflow was originally working).

They are specifically failing because when I attempt to access my server running on a CircleCI box with a Sauce labs browser, the browser can’t load up the site served on localhost. I have confirmed the SC proxy is up and running (confirmed on Sauce labs dashboard side) and I have used the following to confirm the server is up:

ssh -p <ip_details> -L 3003:localhost:3003

I have even used the SSH option to access the CircleCi box, run the server, setup the SC proxy manually and then start a manual test run on Sauce labs using the proxy. But it still won’t connect!

However, every attempt to get Sauce labs to connect the server on CircleCi is not working. Has something changed in the past few months? Can anyone advise on how to debug this issue further to fix it?

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