Ubuntu 16.04 Docker image for a CircleCI build

My production app is running on Ubuntu 16.04 and manual installation via SSH works fine (npm install, npm test etc).

However, a specific npm module (node-sass) just wont work on the the Docker image I’m using in the CircleCI config file. The image in question is circleci/node:chakracore-8.11.1. It will not install node-sass.

It seems all the CircleCI Node.js images are based on Debian where this specific package won’t install.
Are you aware of a Docker image I can use for my CircleCI build that is based on Ubuntu 16.04?

I want to avoid going through endless hours of configuration and pain. Any ideas?

Or perhaps just abandon node-sass and compile my CSS on my localhost and check it in to repo and omit it from the build step?

Any help would be appreciated.

What is the problem with it? I should think that is a popular module that will install nearly anywhere that Node will run. If you have not yet done it, I suggest asking a question here or on Stack Overflow, to dig into why this is not working.

However, if you are determined to change your Docker image, you could build your own. I imagine you’d have to choose one that supports Node, and I don’t know what “chakracore” is, but perhaps it would have to support that too. I’ve had great success with Alpine images, and I know they support Node, so you could try that if you wish. However, this feels like a lot of work to get a small thing working, so I’d persist with installing node-sass first.

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