Turn on 2FA in docker and now my circleci builds fail. how to use personal access token?

previously i was using my personal docker username and password in the config.yml.

now that i turn on 2FA in docker hub, the builds fail. I then turn on personal access token in docker.

no documentation exists on how to use personal access token inside circleci.

can advise?

Hi @kimsia ,

We corresponded on CircleCI Support, and this has been resolved.

For full disclosure and for future developers stumbling onto this, you can use your personal access token from Docker Hub in-place of your password on CircleCI config:

# example
- image: acme-private/private-image:321
    username: mydockerhub-user

We have since updated our documentation to share this information as well.
Thank you to @kimsia, for raising this issue with us, and working with us to update the documentation!

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