Triggering approval using API - "ON HOLD"

Hi Experts, I’m new and couldn’t find the answer

Our project requires to run some tests on specific hardware (not in the Cloud).
Let’s call this place A and CI (Cloud)
A can access CI /Github(API) and CI can’t access A except a shared folder

We plan to do something like that:

CI1 - start a script that waits for file on share_folder (for specific file)
A1- Pool the jobs using CI API
A2 - start doing the job ~2 hours
A3 - publish the file into share_folder
CI1 - look for the file and publish the results

The question is could we put CI1 is state “ON_HOLD” and A3 will trigger “approval” (API)
Instead of CI to wait for the file for 2 hours? (event driven like)

Another thing, we would like to limit the number of active jobs to be 1 and the CI will be considered active in the state == “ON HOLD”.
I know that CI don’t do much but the integration with Github (green/red) is important


Hi Hanoh,

I don’t think we have a way to do this correctly, but it sounds very neat. Can I ask you to create a feature request here with details of your flow and use case so we can get it in front of our product team?