Trigger jobs after merging code to any branch

Hi All,

I just wonder if there is any way for circleCI to execute jobs after running merge code.
For instance, starting building after merging code from another branch to main and vice versa.


Hello @duyl97

By default, CircleCI runs on any new code push. Because the code that is merged has already been tested when it was pushed, CircleCI will not attempt to run it again (as it has the same SHA).

However, CircleCI as a platform has APIs and tools to help customize the experience (with more always coming).

Are you a GitHub user? If so, you may find this helpful: Trigger your CircleCI pipelines from a GitHub Actions workflow | CircleCI
This GitHub action triggers your pipelines on CircleCI via any event on GitHub, not just pushes.

Many thanks.
I tried with Git Actions and it worked well.