Test passes locally, fails on Circle, but passes when rebuilding on Circle with SSH

I’m trying to debug a very strange issue. Running locally our RSpec feature tests pass just fine. However, when CircleCI is triggered to test a new build, the test fails.

Even more strange is if I “Rebuild with SSH” on Circle, the test then passes.

The failure message:

[http://www.cool.com/img54.jpg, (?i-mx:Monthly), (?i-mx:\$9\.95\ \/\ MONTH)] in [["http://www.cool.com/img53.jpg", "MONTHLY $9.95 / month Upgrade To Annual"], ["http://www.cool.com/img54.jpg", "MONTHLY $9.95 / month Upgrade To Annual"]]

Does anyone have an clue as to why the tests are passing locally and on Circle with SSH enabled, but not passing when building normally on Circle?

I’m experiencing the exact same issue. I run a jest test suite and it fails when runs automatically, yet it passes if I execute the same command through SSH