Test multiple applications/services together


I have services as different nodejs projects, each of them being stored in a different github repo. For example, I have an authentication service/project, and a messaging service/project.

I am able to test one service by itself (for example the authentication), but I am not sure how I could test how they integrate together (messaging and authentication for example).

In my mind, I would like to do something like this:

  • Checkout authentication service from github
  • Checkout messaging service from github
  • Start authentication on a given ip or port
  • Start messaging on a given ip or port
  • Test messaging (which will connect to authentication for some of the tests)

In short, I would like to test not only if one service works, that I can already do, but also how different services (different github repos) work together. They are all based on NodeJS.

Any help would be very appreciated.