Terminal output in logs is odd

The log output in circleci looks like its having encoding or terminal issues. For instance I see double spacing like the following:

$<3>>>> Installing (93 of 154) net-misc/wget-1.16.3-r1::portage-stable to /build/amd64-usr/

$<3>>>> Installing (108 of 154) virtual/package-manager-0::portage-stable to /build/amd64-usr/

I don’t see this when I run the build in an Ubuntu or OSX terminal. Do others see this? Is there a specific terminal that CircleCI uses?

Hi @bassamtabbara,

Thanks for pointing this out to us! Can you please try SSHing into a build and running the same command to see if it generates similarly strange output?

Let us know!

Hi @frank, when I SSH into the machine the output looks sane. Its only when I look at the logs from the CircleCI web UI that its all messed up.

@frank any update on this? Its really hard to follow scrambled logs when debugging issues. I’m happy to point you at a private repo with an example of the logs. As I mentioned this does not happen with I SSH directly into the box.

I have a similar problem with meteor.js builds and deployments. Meteor uses a console “progress bar” when downloading and uploading stuff and it spams the web UI:

Downloading meteor-tool@1.1.3 1%
Downloading meteor-tool@1.1.3 2%
etc. etc. etc.

docker build output is also double spaced. Something is wrong with the terminal parsing in circleci.

Output from “docker run -it container” has an extra line feed still, see image.

This issue still occurs as of May 2018 in circleci 2.0

The issue is between Docker and TTY, whatever that means. For docker-compose it was enough to add -T flag to run.

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