Switch to Golang 1.7 for builds



Could you add go 1.7 version for builds please?

Golang 1.7

PR is open that will hopefully make the next cut: https://github.com/circleci/image-builder/issues/95


Is there an ETA or an update on it?

Thank you


Is there any update on making Go 1.7 available?


Here’s my thoughts on support for Go versions in the future.

Short-term Solution

Go v1.6.2 is currently in the Ubuntu 14.04 image. If you need a newer version right now, a customer shared his circle.yml snippet which I’ve turned into a Gist. This method will allow you to run Go v1.7.3 (the current release) and most likely future versions as well.

Long-term Solution

Our long-term solution for Go (and other languages) is actually going to be CircleCI 2.0. The new, flexible, and efficient platform will allow for Go to work in a more seamless, native fashion than what we currently support.


Golang 1.7 was released in August, it would be great to be able to build with it. Most of our devs have 1.7 on their machines, and we are starting to see some compatibility issues due to the fact that CircleCI only supports 1.6.

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