Sudo bundle install


I have a gem in ruby ​​integrated with cucumber and appium to run the tests on the mobile applications. In my file circle.yml after installing the dependencies of the mobile application I install all the dependencies that the VM needs to run the test in the emulator.

When I try to make sudo cucumber …, I get a message saying that the gems that should be installed when run bundle install are not installed. I modified the circle.yml to do the sudo bundle install, however, the command does not execute because it asks for confirmation, even though it configures the package to silence the warnings

my circle.yml

XCODE_WORKSPACE: “App/App.xcworkspace”
GYM_CODE_SIGNING_IDENTITY: “iPhone Distribution: xxxxx”
version: 8.2

- gem install cocoapods
- cd ~/app/App; pod install
- git clone ~/appiumtest
- brew update
- brew install gnupg2
- brew install openssl
- gem install bundler
- brew upgrade node
- npm install -g appium@beta
- npm install -g appium
- npm install wd
- brew install libimobiledevice --HEAD
- brew install ideviceinstaller
- brew upgrade carthage
- npm install -g ios-deploy
- gem install xcpretty
- brew install swiftlint
- sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/
- cd ~/app/App; git submodule update --init --recursive
- ln -s /Applications/ /Applications/
- xcodebuild “-workspace” “App/App.xcworkspace.xcworkspace” “-scheme” “AppDev” “-configuration” “Debug” -destination ‘platform=iOS Simulator,OS=10.2,name=iPhone 6’ CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR=~/appios/

- appium:
background: true
- sudo gem uninstall json
- cd ~/appiumtest; bundle config silence_root_warning true; yes | sudo bundle install
- cd ~/appiumtest; sudo cucumber APPIUM_CONF=“conf/ios.toml” SERVICES_MOCK_CONF=“conf/service.toml” IDS=“conf/ids.toml” features/features.feature


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