Suddenly getting memory issues


This week I’ve suddenly been seeing memory issues on a number of jobs running in node docker containers. I wondered if you guys had changed anything? (even if I put the executor size up to xlarge they fail). Anyone else been seeing this?

Hello @maxcbc - Welcome to the CircleCI Community! We have not seen a recent trend in memory exhaustion for node builds. Could you provide a code snippet for the first part of your config.yml for your build? I would like to rule out the node image you are using.

Also, this support article shows how to record a job’s memory usage either in a step or over the course of the build.

- run:
    command: cat /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/memory.max_usage_in_bytes
    when: always

I look forward to your update!

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Thanks for that, I’d missed that article.

It might be a dependency we share across our jobs. Not been able to pin it down yet.

They’re all using the circleci/node:12 image. I’ve tried bumping the resource_class but mostly this hasn’t worked.

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In complement to Jonathan’s reply, I’d like to suggest these two additional articles:

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