CircleCi is failing installing Gems

Gem installing: Received “killed” signal

Hi @chandanchoubey1 – welcome to Discuss!

There could be a few reasons this is occurring. The container could be running out of memory during the process and that is why it received the killed signal. We have information around logging and monitoring memory usage on the following support article:

If that isn’t the case, it could be a connection issue with installing a specific gem, especially if its intermittent.

With the above said, I am happy to investigate this further. Can you link me to the failed build? If you don’t feel comfortable posting here you can submit a support ticket and reference this post and I will take a look.


So How can i increase the memory ?

Hi @chandanchoubey1,

You have a few options for increasing memory, if you are on the Performance plan you can use a larger resource_class size. Information on resource classes here.

If you are not on the Performance plan, and unable to upgrade to access the larger resource_class sizes, you can possibly swap to using the machine executor. Information machine executor here.

A note on the machine executor – it provides 7.5 GB of memory and root access to the operating system. The trade-off of using the machine executor is an increase in the Spin up environment step. A Docker image will usually spin up in a few seconds, a machine executor can take 30-60 seconds. In addition, you will need to ensure to install any/all dependencies on the machine executor, as the Docker images come preloaded with a lot of items.

Hope that helps clarify and if you do continue to run into issues I can dig a bit deeper with an example build link. Thanks!