Kill Signals being received on multiple runs

We have been using Circle CI for 2+ years. We switched to the performance plan 4 months ago and transitioned to Circle CI 2.0. We have tried increasing the RAM options from 4G up to 16G but still get random kill signals on our full test run which consists of around 4500 tests (half are Rspec and half are cucumber). We are using 30 parallel containers. Any one else had such issues? We are not getting an effective answer from support in terms of what causes the kill signal (SIGTERM (signalexception). We need clean test runs for a major upcoming release and require debug information that tells us more about what is causing this and no effective response whilst it costs us money we have exhausted all options in terms of trying larger machines etc.

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Hi Daljit. resource_class should solve this

Can you provide the ticket number so I can take a look as well?

Hi, The ticket number is 51160, we have increased resource class from M to M+ and Large and it did not resolve the issue…thanks for any help.