Subdirectory deployment to Heroku using api key option



Hi there,

I am generating a mock server in a build step on CircleCI using the swagger-codegen repo, changes to the API triggers a build that regenerates the mock server which I then wish to deploy.

I cannot find a way to specify what exactly CircleCI needs to deploy, I am able to specify build artifacts correctly but I cannot seem to deploy them like with other CI tools.

I would much rather use the Deploy to Heroku tab on the side than initialising a Heroku repository each time with the Heroku Toolbelt!

Many thanks


Any answer here? Travis CI has a property called: skip_cleanup that does not not clean the folder and will push everything to heroku…what does Circle CI have?


Hello, thank you for your patience.

We’re working on ways to improve our deployment and workflow processes, so hopefully that will be available for you soon and you can take advantage.

If you’re interested in trying it out, please request early access here. :bow: