Store Test Results not working

I am currently running CircleCI on a ReactJS project and am trying to the save the results of the npm test command using the store_test_results feature. The feature confirms that the test results have been saved but they are not shown. This is the relevant portion of the config code:
`- run: cd v2/fe && npm test && a

path: test-results.xml`
I have tried changing the path to path: test-results (which I created the directory for) and several other things but it is not working.

(The formatting on your config does not appear to have worked. Single backticks are not really suitable for blocks - use triple backticks on their own line, or four-space indents. There is a code formatting tool in the editor toolbar. Would you edit your post?

I am also not sure if this is enough information to help - “not working” is not very specific. Do you get errors, what does your config look like, what have you tried to fix it, etc.)

From @sammallabone:

I solved my own problem. Turns out I was just confused by the store_test_results purpose and assumed it would take the test results and generate the file. I ended up generating the file myself and then passing the file path to it to store_test_results.

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